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機關名稱 : 臺中榮民總醫院灣橋分院
The Title of the Organization:Taichung Veterans General Hospital Wanqiao Branch



職稱 職掌 Personnel Title Charge
院長 醫療 Dean Medical Care
副院長 醫療 Vice-Dean Medical Care
內科主任 內科醫療 Director of General Medicine Medical Care in Internal Medicine
小兒科主任 小兒科醫療 Director of Pediatrics Medical Care in Pediatrics
皮膚科主任 皮膚科醫療 Director of Dermatology Medical Care in Dermatology
家庭醫學科主任 家庭醫學科醫療 Director of Family Medicine Medical Care in Family Medicine
神經科主任 神經科醫療 Director of Neurology Medical Care in Neurology
精神科主任 精神科醫療 Director of Psychiatry Medical Care in Psychiatry
心臟科主任 心臟科醫療 Director of Cardio-thoracic Medicine Medical Care in Cardio-thoracic Medicine
風濕免疫科主任 風濕免疫科醫療 Director of Rheumatology and Immunology Medical Care in Rheumatology and Immunology
外科主任 外科醫療 Director of General Surgery Medical Care in General Surgery
神經外科主任 神經外科醫療 Director of Neurosurgery Medical Care in Neurosurgery
大腸直腸外科主任 大腸直腸外科醫療 Director of Colo-rectal Surgery Medical Care in Colo-rectal Surgery
婦產科主任 婦產科醫療 Director of Gynecology and Obstetrics Medical Care in Gynecology and Obstetrics
骨科主任 骨科醫療 Director of Orthopedics Medical Care in Orthopedics
泌尿科主任 泌尿科醫療 Director of Urology Medical Care in Urology
麻醉科主任 麻醉科醫療 Director of Anesthesiology Medical Care in Anesthesiology
牙科主任 牙科醫療 Director of Dentistry Medical Care in Dentistry
醫學檢驗科主任 醫學檢驗 Director of Medical Technologists General Affairs in Medical Examination
護理科主任 護理助產 Director of Nursing General Affairs in Nursing and Midwifery
藥劑科主任 藥事 Director of Pharmacy General Affairs of the Pharmacy
秘書室主任 一般行政 Director of Secretaries General Administration
輔導及社會工作室主任 社會行政 Director of Social Workers Social Affair Administration
醫務行政室主任 醫務行政 Director of Medical Administration Medical Administration
營養室主任 營養 Director of Dietary Nutrition
主治醫師 醫療 Visiting Staffs Medical Care
技師 資訊處理 Technicians Information Processing
技師 檢驗 Technicians Medical Examinations
技師 醫事技術 Technicians Medical Techniques
技師 醫事技術 Technicians Medical Techniques
秘書 一般行政 Secretaries General Administration
物理治療師 物理治療 Physical Therapists Physical Therapy
職能治療師 職能治療 Occupational Therapists Occupational Therapy
輔導員 社會行政 Coach Social Affair Administration
住院總醫師 醫療 Chief of Residents Medical Care
護理督導員 護理助產 Nursing Counselor Nursing and Midwifery
住院醫師 醫療 Residents Medical Care
護理長 護理助產 Head Nurses Nursing and Midwifery
護理師 護理助產 Registered Nurses Nursing and Midwifery
臨床心理師 心理 Clinical Psychologists Psychological Care
醫用效放射技術師 醫用效放射線 Medical Radiation Technologists Medical Irradiation
醫事檢驗師 檢驗 Medical Technologists Medical Examination
營養師 營養 Dietitians Nutrition
藥師 藥事 Pharmacists Pharmacy
技師 資訊處理 Technicians Information Processing
技師 衛生環保技術 Technicians Sanitation and Environmental Protection Techniques
技師 醫事技術 Technicians Medical Techniques
技師 檢驗 Technicians Medical Examinations
社會工作員 社會行政 Social Workers Social Affair Administration
組員 一般行政 Staffs General Administration
護士 護理助產 Nurses Nursing and Midwifery
技術員 衛生環保技術 Technicians Sanitation and Environmental Protection Techniques
技術員 資訊處理 Technicians Information Processing
技術員 醫事技術 Technicians Medical Techniques
技術員 檢驗 Technicians Medical Examinations
勞工安全衛生管理員 勞工安全衛生 Labor Affair Organizers Labor Safety and Sanitation
辦事員 一般行政 Clerks General Administration
書記 一般行政 Secretariats General Administration
主任 人事行政 Director Human Resource Administration
專員 人事行政 Executives Human Resource Administration
組員 人事行政 Staffs Human Resource Administration
辦事員 人事行政 Clerks Human Resource Administration
主任 政風 Director Anti-corruption
專員 政風 Executives Anti-corruption
組員 政風 Staffs Anti-corruption
會計主任 會計審計 Director of Treasure Accounting and Auditing
稽核 會計審計 Director of Auditing Accounting and Auditing
佐理員 會計審計 Assistants Accounting and Auditing
書記 會計審計 Secretariats Accounting and Auditing
例:薦九科長 外事連絡 Example: Section Chief Appointed on Recommendation of the 9th Grade Extra-Mural Communication
工友 書記 Janitors Clerkship
工友 病房清潔 Janitors Ward Cleansing
工友 公文傳遞 Janitors Passing of Official Documents
工友 文書作業 Janitors Paper Work
工友 廢棄物管理 Janitors Waste Disposal
工友 工程營繕 Janitors Construction and Repair
工友 掛號、病歷作業 Janitors Operations of Registration and Medical Records
工友 住出院收費 Janitors Fee Collection
工友 駕駛 Janitors Driving
工友 水電 Janitors Water and Electricity
工友 通信 Janitors Communications
工友 醫療器材維修 Janitors Repair of Medical Equipments
工友 衛(藥)材管理 Janitors Management of Materials of Health and Medicine
工友 出納作業 Janitors Cashier’s Operations
工友 資訊作業 Janitors Information Operations
工友 申報作業 Janitors Information Operations
工友 勞健保作業 Janitors Operations of the Labor and Health Insurances
工友 會計作業 Janitors Accounting